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Not happy with the social media options for marketing your business?

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Marketing campaigns problems

What are the problems facing marketing?

  • Social Media has become so much more social
  • Algorithms keep reducing our reach
  • It’s so impersonal, it’s all text based
  • Our outreach is often seen as spam
  • Distracted from ads popping up all the time

VBC Digital – recovering and boosting your marketing

Gain inspiration

Gain inspiration with VBC Digital


  • Are the frustrations that come from marketing on social media
  • Are those pesky algorithms that keep changing and impacting our marketing reach

New with VBC

  • Reap the financial rewards of automated lead generation
  • Start talking and doing business
  • Promote your offering to a business community
  • Enjoy social media without algorithms
  • Find customers and suppliers just by being here
  • Meet others to identify or create opportunities
  • Uncover and reach new markets

Join us, where doing business is so much easier!

Research tells us

90% of brands admit to struggling to identify and connect with small business decision-makers, the mere fact small businesses are increasing budgets isn't enough for marketers looking to engage with them – they still need to learn how to target and build relationships with them effectively.

Source: B2B Marketing

61% of marketers say their biggest challenges are generating traffic and leads.

Source: Fundera.com

Recent Polls

  • 71% of respondents agree social media is getting harder for business
  • 42% responded Engagement on posts is too low
  • 28% it’s not bringing in business

VBC Digital – no distraction, business all the way

Freedom for your sales and marketing

Maximise your sales through a new digital venue

Prioritise conversation over social media posting – and hoping

Warm up business opportunities during a chat in the café or lounge, or do business during a meeting.

Digital Business model

Lead Generation

Automated for Marketeers, matching need to lead 24/7.

Talk & do business

Using our video conferencing, make new contacts for sales, collaboration or suppliers. Run a training session, workshop, or host a webinar. Collaborate and innovate, build brand awareness, share or seek advice

Community and Wellbeing

Join our Wellbeing Centre or simply have a conversation and relax in our Café, Lounge or Shared office space

Personal Development

Access our secure storage library for members video content, webinars, white papers and training material for upskilling and personal development, and improving your organisations efficiency.

Business Showcase

Using our Social function, showcase your business and promote your products and services.


Using our member directory or chat function, find contacts for your business or use our helpful sticky notes, notepad, calculator and calendar to see your events or those you’ve booked onto.

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Member showcase

During this time of amazing breakthroughs in technology and the huge increase in digital usage, VBC can offer you the opportunity to have your profile and business highlighted on our homepage.

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