About Amelia Bishop

Proud founder and owner of VBC Digital, a professional in innovation and change.

Amelia Bishop

Amelia Bishop

Having started in corporate office work, I totally diversified in the late 90’s and set up a womenswear manufacturing business.

It was during this time I truly learned many new skills, dealing with international suppliers, managing machinists, designing and selling womenswear and running and hosting fashion shows teaming up with Burtons and Principles.

These 2 quotes ‘Action Conquers Fear’ and ‘He who hesitates loses’, have kept me driven ever since.

After 3 years of running that company, I changed to corporate freelancing as an independent consultant on multi-million £ transformation programmes for 14 years, completing assignments for large organisations which included Nationwide, O2, National Trust, British Energy, BAA, Axa Insurance plus others.

During this time, I also set up a company in the motor industry which has been operating since 2007.

In 2016. I stepped away from consulting to the corporate organisations and took the big bold step of setting up my own consultancy, and what an eye opener becoming an SME was!

I became the host of a weekly live business show on radio for 2.5 years and am still a board member of the radio station. I was invited to speak at inspirational events for the Romanian Embassy and the DWP and on Brexit business preparedness with Barclays Bank, a Chamber of Commerce and law firms.

I made the decision in 2019 to operate my consultancy virtually which was all about innovation and change, supporting clients through the current crisis using our own CTR (Crisis to Renewal) system, working through every possible option to get them through this difficult period.

Using my foresight into external change, change that was going on in the world that would affect business, and being an SME with very limited options for sales and marketing I had an idea.

I developed that idea in Jan 2020 as a plan B, but when Covid hit Europe, the world was about to go virtual, if it could. I commissioned the development of a new digital solution, bringing community together for sales and marketing success.

This has been driven by a passion to provide businesses with a digital platform to network and generate business by opening the doors of an international community to maximise growth potential through these changing times.

I know that all crisis and chaos create opportunity and VBC Digital is set to deliver that opportunity to business.