Attended Unlimited Online Networking Meetings
Your Own Business Profile (Characters) 700 700 700
Your Own Dashboard , Profile and Bookings all in one place
Request support for your business through our keyword matching facility
Use our own B2B social module to strengthen branding awareness and business relationships
Use of a shared virtual office space
Book a virtual meeting room for a 1:1 *
Use of VBC Digital Cafe
Use of VBC Digital lounge
Respond to support requests - lead generation through our keyword matching facility
Respond to opportunities through keyword matching
Access to our own ‘Live’ video conferencing function
Access the webinar library
Attend live webinars
Host live webinar
Attend Workshop
Run Workshop *
Attend training sessions
Deliver training *
Access the document library
Store documents in the library
Access store blogs
Compose and store blogs
*room booking fee applied for chargeable events
£49/Month £99/Month £199/Month
save £58
save £138
save £188


If you love networking and building business relationships then Connect is the package for you. Meet like-minded professionals by attending as many networking meetings as you can fit into your schedule, and you can easily book into these through your own dashboard.

There is also our all day café and evening lounge that you can take time out in and if you find working alone at times is boring and affects your ability to focus then use our shared office where you can strike up an occasional conversation and get to know more people.

Naturally, you are there to work so may be not too much chat! And, if you like writing posts then this will be perfect because write one in VBC Digital and easily share it across all your other social media platforms. This global business community is all about generating leads to grow your business through building a network of strong business relationships.


Explore membership is fully inclusive of every benefit of Connect plus…Information is King and knowledge is power – or so the sayings go. Explore membership is ideal for those starting out in business that need a better understanding of specialist subjects or those wishing to train in new subjects or be updated with new information.

You can gain new insight into a given subject/s through attendance of live webinars, workshops or training programmes or just catch up with our library editions which also includes access to documents and blogs. Explore also opens access to be an audience member of some of our live channel events.

Professional PACKAGE

Professional membership is fully inclusive of every benefit of Connect and Explore plus…If you would like to be on hand to support our business community members, then Professional membership is for you.

From running live webinars to workshops or delivering training programmes you can truly be seen to be an expert in your specialist area. Put pen to paper and upload your specialist documents and blogs into our library and become established as a thought leader in your given subject.

VBC Digital is a global lead generator opening doors and opportunities Generate leads locally or globally and grow your business through this disruptive platform and reap the rewards.