Partner Program

Our partnership opportunity is about helping each other, and gives you the choice of how you would like to take up this opportunity.

Is becoming a partner for you?

Do you like to support and help your peers and clients succeed?

Want to improve your own, and others success/wealth in 2021?

Would you like the opportunity of earning up to £5,500 per month – extra?

Becoming a VBC Digital partner means
You can improve your exposure and income to plug a gap, or just increase your income!

What’s in it for you?

  • 1 years ‘free’ full access to VBC Digital to promote your own business
  • An unlimited revenue stream that could help to cover rent or mortgage payments
  • New sales through enhanced exposure and new contacts
  • Inspiration by being part of an exciting partner team and global business community
  • Excitement of being part of this new and exciting innovation for business
  • Pride from being part of a new and inspirational team
Image that shows the connected people around the globe

Our business partner community, within a global business community

Be part of

  • Inspiring monthly team meeting
  • Quarterly best partner awards
  • Annual top partner award
  • Rewards for achievements

You choose which partner model is best for you

  • As an independent partner earning referral payments
  • Or building your own team and adding team revenue commissions to the referral payments
Inspire and support each other


Join us and be inspired, our partnership opportunity is about supporting each other, and what’s better - you can choose how you would like to take up this opportunity

Simply introduce yor network in

Improve your visibility

Improve your Visibility and Income

Earn a significant 2nd income by demonstrating the benefits of VBC Digital to your network of business contacts when they sign up for an annual membership

As your referrals become partners

Improve your visibility and income

Your VBC Digital Team

Develop your own VBC Digital partner team and earn significantly more income with rising bonus commissions as your team grows

The Reward Schedule

We all need an opportunity to expand the reach of our business!
We have intentionally made our referral payments generous as we believe in empowering and rewarding.

Partner Reward Model

Referral Payments
Package Details Membership Level CEO Marketeer
Annual Package Cost € 1050 € 2,200
Partner Band Bronze € 189.00 € 440.00
Silver € 472.50 € 1,100.00
Gold € 945.00 € 2,200.00
Platinum € 2,362.50 € 5,500.00
Payment Referral Payment Rate % 9% 10%
Renewal Referral Renewal Rate 1.50% 1.50%
# of referred Members within a calendar month Free Membership
subject to meeting qualifying period
1 Year 5 Year Lifetime

In addition....

When any ‘Professional’ members you have referred in upgrades to a paid membership

You will benefit too – by receiving your referral payment at that time.

Team Commissions

Team commissions are in addition to your referral payments

As soon as you step onto the 1st rung of the partner ladder increase your income further with monthly team revenue commission.

Team Accrual Commission chart
Tap into unlimited income potential

Our Award Structure

Quarterly best partner award
Annual top partner award
Additional category award
Please note: actual rewards may vary from those in images shown

How To Become a Partner

  1. Sign up to VBC Digital Membership
  2. Seize the opportunity of being a VBC Digital partner
    by signing the partner agreement at the bottom of this Partner Programme page, within 7 days of joining
  3. Review our partner terms and submit your partner application
    email your signed agreement to
  4. Receive your unique partner reference
  5. Receive your VBC Digital partner training and marketing pack

And finally...

All new 'paying' members of VBC Digital receive a 14 day free trial
As a partner, you receive your first years full access membership to VBC Digital free.
Ensuring you receive all the benefits of being a VBC Digital member from the start.

It's so simple!

Sign up NOW!

Please review our partner terms & conditions